Nicolás Maduro and the Destruction of Venezuela

February 8, 2019 By TheNewYorkNews

Nicolás Maduro and the Destruction of Venezuela

Nicolás Maduro and the Destruction of Venezuela

Regarding the situation of Nicolás Maduro, National Review asked the exiled mayor of Caracas (Ledezma) a question he has heard a thousand times: Venezuela was a model nation, so prosperous, democratic, and advanced. Did he ever think it would slide into tyranny and poverty? And not just poverty, but outright starvation?

“No, honestly,” he said. “I thought we would have more and better democracy, not go back to a time that seemed to be gone forever: a time when we had strongmen as leaders, when people would blindly follow the man on the horse, a false messiah who gave populist speeches, claiming to be predestined. Chávez was really good at that.”

Some soldiers, undoubtedly hungry, have now turned mutinous. And Venezuelans are massing in the streets, demanding that Maduro and his gang go. (Some are massing in their favor as well.)

And how about Nicolás Maduro, the new chavista dictator (Hugo’s successor)? He is much less good at it, much less talented. “He is an activist,” Ledezma told me, “formed and educated by the Castro brothers. He’s an agitator, very limited intellectually.” Chávez was smart as hell, like it or not. Cunning.

The leader of the opposition is Juan Guaidó, 35 years old. He recently became the president of the Venezuelan legislature, such as it is. On the streets, he has now declared himself president of the country at large.

Ledezma spoke of Juan Vicente Gómez, dictator of Venezuela for almost 30 years: 1908 to 1935.

“Gómez didn’t know how to read or write, but he knew that he didn’t know, and, because he knew it, he surrounded himself with brilliant people” — people who knew about petroleum, for example, people who knew about state finances. Maduro, on other hand, “is ignorant but thinks he knows. Therefore, he has surrounded himself with people who are unqualified, and the result is a disaster.”

Guaidó had a special message for the armed forces: “None of you can live in a dignified manner on your military paycheck.You can’t meet the basic needs of your children and relatives.” In other words, Enough. Back me. It will get better.

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Source: National Review

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