The surprise of the New York show immersive Van Gogh

December 13, 2021 By TheNewYorkNews

The surprise of the New York show immersive Van Gogh

the New York show is immersive, popular, bright-full on Pier 36, a 75,000-square-foot waterfront space with three rooms of pulsing Van Gogh patterns streaming on every surface.

THE IMMERSIVE VAN GOGH art experience is now showing in cities around the globe, from New York to Nashville to Toronto to Dubai. With some minor variations, the shows are all based on the same central premise: in large venues like warehouses or churches, they project Van Gogh paintings onto the walls, blown up to giant proportions.

In a now-familiar critique, all of the show’s beautiful surfaces perfectly cater to a glitzy, post-postmodern media culture that defines selfhood through a series of eye-catching pictures and videos.


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