How to be a writer

December 11, 2018 By The Editor

How to be a writer

How to write for us?

How to become a writer for The New York News?

How to be a writer for The New York News is one of the most frequent requests we receive. Do you want to submit your articles and writings to our magazine? Do you want to become a youtuber or instagram influencer? Do you want to create a podcast, publish a youtube themed series or instagram stories with the New York News? Do you want to be a successful author?

How to be a writer for us is quite simple. The New York News magazine accepts original articles not previously published on paper or on the web: a careful editorial check is carried out on the text sent to avoid any form of republication or plagiarism.

Instructions for authors

To send articles and check the status of submitted proposals online, you must register as “author” and log in. Registration is free. First of all you should read our page and send an email message, from here.

Information on rights

The authors who publish in this magazine accept the following terms:

  •     The authors maintain the copyright and guarantee to the magazine the right of first publication of the work, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 4.0 License, which allows others to share the work as long as they recognize the paternity of the work and the first publication in this magazine.
  •     Authors may enter into separate and additional contractual agreements for non-exclusive distribution of work in the version published by the journal (eg, archive it in institutional repositories or publish it in a book), provided that the first publication in this journal is recognized.
  •     Authors are authorized and encouraged to disseminate online work (eg in institutional repositories or on their own site), before and during the submission process, as this can bring positive effects for the visibility and dissemination of work, such as greater quotation of the published article.
  •     The authors are authorized to publish the work online after publication, by link to the version published in the magazine in html format.

How to be a writer, then?

If an article is accepted by the magazine, the author will sign and send to the Publisher the publication agreement  and the declaration on the conflict of interest.

The reading of the magazine is still free, as is the publication of articles.

“You can not become a writer, a journalist, a commentator, an author, just following the logic of profit”
“First of all we need a passion for writing”


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So, tell us: what do you think? Do you want to write for the New York News, too?

Submit your articles!

Check othe ways you can work with us as author, commentator, journalist, click here to go to our contributors page.

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