Do you have an interesting story? Become a writer!

November 27, 2018 By The Editor

Do you have an interesting story? Become a writer!

Become a writer!

Do you have an interesting story?

Become a writer. If you have an interesting story about New York, or world news, or an article that you feel useful to share with us, propose the article: we will be happy to consider it for publication.

What articles to propose?

The New York News is aimed at professionals, citizen, globetrotter travellers who, although not journalists, have an interest in knowing the implications related to new trends and planetary facts.

Submit your articles Work with us author commentator journalist wanted the new york news magazine journal channel

Your article may be of interest to readers of The New York News when:

  •      makes it possible to highlight the risk connected to a worldwide situation, planetary policies (not a small-town “my backyard only” limited view) by examining also the possible solutions and tasks;
  •      describes the methods and suggestions to reach a particular significant goal, in a productive and efficient manner, considering the importance of making things happen, not losing time doing nothing;
  •      underlines good news, analysing positive views and useful thoughts, for a better planet, not staying in a negative mood;
  •      analyzes the possible risks deriving from the use of a drug, e.g. adverse events, highlighting the importance and the structuring of a healty life and prevention;
  •      presents and discusses the ethical aspects of personal freedom and liberty views, considering the human being as a liberated, free, metrosexual, growing being, not censorable.

In any case, please take note that:

  •      we do not guarantee the publication of any of the articles sent, nor its wholeness;
  •      publication usually takes place within one month of sending;
  •      the articles are subject to formal control over the text (typing errors, etc.);
  •      images, titles and other attributes may be changed at the discretion of the editors;
  •      we do not verify the accuracy of all the information contained in the contributions, whose truthfulness remains the sole responsibility of the respective authors.

The reading of the magazine is still free, as is the publication of articles. “You can not become a writer, a journalist, a commentator, an author, just following the logic of profit” – “First of all we need a passion for writing”. You are encouraged to submit your articles for the publication, to maintain The New York News as open and interesting as possible!

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So, tell us: what do you think? Do you want to write for the New York News, too?

Submit your articles!

Check othe ways you can work with us as author, commentator, journalist, click here to go to our contributors page.

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