The U.S. distance in the Qatar diplomatic crises

October 16, 2018 By The Editor

The U.S. distance in the Qatar diplomatic crises

The U.S. distance in the Qatar diplomatic crises

It seems that U.S.A. tried to keep a safe distance from the Qatar diplomatic crises, while US secretary of state says Saudi bloc’s actions causing humanitarian consequences and affecting campaign against ISIL.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson gave a statement while on a state visit in Australia, urging the Gulf states to stay united.

“We certainly would encourage the parties to sit down together and address these differences,” he said in Sydney .

“If there’s any role that we can play in terms of helping them address those, we think it is important that the GCC [Gulf Cooperation Council] remain united.”

After the diplomatic breakdown, Trump lambasted Qatar on Twitter, appearing to take credit for the Saudi-UAE decision. That has complicated the US narrative, pushing the Pentagon and the State Department to assume a more neutral tone. A Pentagon spokesman praised the Qataris’ “enduring commitment to regional security,” while a State Department spokesman characterized the US relationship with Qatar as “strong” and commended Qatar’s efforts to curb terrorist financing.

Any further warming of ties should trouble the US administration, given that Trump’s chief Middle East policy is to isolate Iran.

Rex Tillerson urges easing of blockade against Qatar.

Tillerson said despite the impasse, he did not expect it to have “any significant impact, if any impact at all, on the unified fight against terrorism in the region or globally”.

“All of those parties you mentioned have been quite unified in the fight against terrorism and the fight against Daesh, ISIS, and have expressed that most recently in the summit in Riyadh,” he added, using alternative names for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group.

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The US leadership vacuum has, however, opened the door for regional diplomacy, with Kuwait attempting to mediate the current crisis.

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Source: Al Jazeera

Pictures by: Pixabay


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