The war is made by you for the whole damn human race

March 18, 2019 By TheNewYorkNews

The war is made by you for the whole damn human race

What to learn from Terminator’s saga? On behalf of the whole damn human race the game is played by you.

Here is a very interesting speech from the TV Series “Terminator – The Sarah Connor Cronichles”, perfectly played by the very good actor Brian Austin Green.

For those who never thought Brian Austin Green could play such a bad ass, here is one of my favorite characters in the franchise.

Brian Austin Green is a very skilled actor, often not enough valued, who delivers a wonderful dialog in this awesome from TSCC Season 2 Episode 5:

“The game is played by you.”

I love the show. I always find it interesting how the character of Derek Reese (uncle of John Connor) immediately displays a sort of shameful pride saying he has been in action in war.

In this decade with too many countries where civilians, soldiers die by terrorism, it is quite meaningful his attitude like he had to do a hell of a lot of painful things he may never forgive himself for.

“On behalf of the whole damn human race”

Unfortunately it is now heartbreakingly common to die at war and it’s important to see the gravity of this speech: his caracther surely will fight again and he’d do it all again for the human race.

“The game is played by you” it’s a perfect delivery for a concept that it is so sad, being aware also that (luckily) too many young privileged people have no idea what war or combat action feels like and yet at the same time they judge military.

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