Bisexuals are not confused about bisexuality

September 6, 2018 By Jaime Marie Charlotte

Bisexuals are not confused about bisexuality

The only people not confused about bisexuality are the bisexuals themselves.

Like everybody, bisexuals don’t like other people to define them. There are many bisexual collectives, like, for instance, “The Bisexual Index”, advocating a clearer definition – they simply suggest anyone who is attracted to more than one gender should consider identifying as bi.

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It’s not about amount of attraction either, just as simply preferring lettuce to liver doesn’t make you a vegan.

Marcus Morgan of The Guardian wrote an interesting piece about the confusion over labels and he is quite aware of the scorn bisexuals can face from both the straight and gay communities:

“Put the B back in LGBT”

“bisexuality is often dismissed or disparaged, so many come out as gay instead.”

“For a bi on the gay scene, the closet has two doors, a bit like an airlock”

“behind one of them is a cosy atmosphere with no pressure, and behind the other is what appears to be a vacuum.”

He also reminds us that everyone is bisexual — everyone’s bisexual really.

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So is everyone bisexual?

Jezebel’s reaction to Morgan’s article, adds:

Someone who identifies as bi would be more qualified to answer these questions than I am. But I will say that while a label can limit, being part of a community can empower — and it might not be entirely beneficial to define a community so broadly that it includes people who would never admit to being part of it.

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Sexuality (and gender, too) isn’t black and white.

Still, the Kinsey scale remains one of the most important and useful tool.

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As Sarah Intern, in her article “Much Ado About Bisexuality” on autostraddle says:

“In the end, we’re all fighting for the same things: the freedom to self-identify without consequence.”

There is not only one way to have sex or have a relationship.

So, tell us what you think: who needs to define bisexuals ? And which level of the Kinsley scale would you put yourself? Write here your comments and let us know your opinion!

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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