Karla Kush interview on her performing career in the adult industry as a blonde bisexual pornstar

April 18, 2020 By Stella Voltan

Karla Kush interview on her performing career in the adult industry as a blonde bisexual pornstar

Karla talks about her career, her sexual preferences and her first time with a girl when she was only 9yo because she convinced a female to makeout… in this interview with Captain Jack.

Karla Kush interview on her performing career in the adult industry as a blonde bisexual pornstar.

CJ: How old are you? How long have you been in the industry?

Karla: I’m 23. One year.

CJ: You are just so freakin’ hot, I imagine you were that way in high school too. I heard that you dated more girls than guys growing up?

Karla: Not really. I dated more men pretty much all through my life until I was in my early 20s and then I started experimenting a lot more with women. Now, I’m much more into women than I am men, now that I started to explore that side of my sexuality. I always knew I was bi-sexual, because I definitely had crushes on my female friends. (laughs)

CJ: When did you lose your virginity? Were you promiscuous after that?

Karla: When I was 14. We were off-an-on for awhile because it was high school. And when we broke up, we would both kind of go and have fun. But I was very concerned about keeping my reputation. I’m very traditional, despite being a porn star, I’m very traditional in lots of senses. I wasn’t crazy and promiscuous, it was really important to me that I didn’t have a lot of people on my record that I had sex with. I wanted to keep my number very low. When I was in high school and even when I got out of school, I wanted to count everybody I had sex with and keep it a low number. I’d say no, it didn’t really open up any floodgates. I wanted to stay a good girl and only have sex with my boyfriend.

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CJ: And you said the first time you were with a girl was when you were an adult? So about 18?

Karla: Technically, I was 9 because I convinced my friend to makeout with me. But the first time I had sex with a woman was when I was about 18.

CJ: How and why did you decide to get into the adult industry?

Karla: I was a caregiver for about 10 years and then at 21, I decided I wanted to try something different that was just a little more lucrative and was a total 180 from what I did before because I just wanted a change. I’ve been a stoner since I was 18 and I’ve always been open and a little bit wild and I wanted something where I could be more myself at work. So I initially started camming because I could do any kind of show I wanted and about 6 months in, I got contacted by an agency that wanted to represent me. Honestly, it was a split decision. I looked over at my boyfriend and asked, ‘Should I go shoot?’ And he’s like ‘Do it!’ So I did but I think if someone had asked me initially before I started camming, I would have said no. I definitely needed the web cam to ease me into the world of porn.

Karla Kush interview on her performing career in the adult industry as a blonde bisexual pornstar

CJ: So who performs better oral sex, men or women?

Karla: It has nothing to do with the gender, it has to do with the person. It’s a totally individualistic thing. I’ve been with girls who have no idea what they’re doing and I’ve been eaten out by guys who have no clue. The best time ever was by a man but there have been really close seconds with women.

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CJ: What do you like sexually? What gets Karla wet?

Karla: Shit, it depends on the day, on the energy, I don’t know. I like girls and I like guys so ideally, I would like to be with a girl and a guy at the same time but that doesn’t happen too often. I did a really good shoot the other day that felt like swingers. It was two girls and two guys and we played couples and we switched partners. It was with Adriana Chechik, Seth Gamble and Chad White. That one was really, really fun. That was one of the hottest scenes that really turned me on.

CJ: How often do you masturbate?

Karla: It depends on how often I shoot. If I’m not shooting much, I’ll do it everyday. But if I’m shooting a lot, then it will be less. But if I’m off work, it’ll be everyday.

CJ: What have you learned about yourself sexually since joining porn?

Karla: Well, I started to like my vagina more. I didn’t like my vagina pretty much my whole life (laughs) or at least since I hit puberty. I’ve always had a big labia and I never liked that about myself. I always gave myself grief about it and it caused insecurity and body image problems. When I got into porn, I found out it was a fetish. I was like, ‘Holy crap! People actually have a thing for my kind of vagina.’ I think I just learned that my pussy was hot! (laughs)

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