Coronavirus pandemic give pornstars enjoyable audience and earnings

March 20, 2020 By TheNewYorkNews

Coronavirus pandemic give pornstars enjoyable audience and earnings

Coronavirus pandemic give pornstars enjoyable audience and earnings

While much of the entertainment industry has shuttered in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, porn stars are enjoying a captive audience — and an increase in earnings.

Audiences are hungry for quarantine-accessible distractions, and adult performers fit the bill perfectly.

“Actually, I’ve seen upticks in some of my income because people are home and they want entertainment and they want to get away from all the corona stuff,” former “Boy Meets World” star turned adult film actress Maitland Ward tells TheWrap.

The arrangement is perfect, in these socially distant times, not just for her audience, but also for herself.

“I’m stuck at home, too, so I’m doing a lot more content just to fill time as well,” says Ward, 43, who specializes in cosplay.

Not all adult-film performers are benefiting from the current predicament, though: The vast majority of porn studios have been shuttered at least through March, TheWrap reports, so it’s only solo performers who are able to make good on the fact that so many people are currently at home and bored.

Maitland Ward, other porn stars see uptick in income amid coronavirus quarantine

That puts them far ahead of Hollywood, where performers are much more beholden to the industry being up and running as a whole to create content.

“Truth be told, performers on our side are in a better spot because they can still create and make money,” Sherri Shaulis, a senior editor for porn-industry magazine AVN, tells TheWrap.

Creating X-rated content in their free moments is already expected of most adult-film performers, says veteran performer Sarah Vandella. And now many of them have a lot more spare time, especially cam girls, who are reporting an increase in coronavirus-related business.

“Most performers — adult models and actors — are encouraged to utilize their own personal time to continue to create content as much as possible,”

says Vandella, adding that the next few weeks will see a lot of new fan interactions, Skype performances and little else.

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Coronavirus pandemic give pornstars enjoyable audience and earnings


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