Mainstream Media is Always Wrong About Trump Foreign Policy And National Security

January 28, 2020 By The Editor

Mainstream Media is Always Wrong About Trump Foreign Policy And National Security

As a captive audience, mainstream Media make us accompany them through their stages of hysteria, and it’s insufferable.

Nothing evinces this phenomenon more succinctly than the recent days in which supposedly serious national security reporters waxed poetic about the likelihood of World War III, while sharing unverified reports about tens of killings of Americans from Iranian state media. If we knew what was good for us, we would never offer the privilege of precious airwaves again to such individuals, but alas, they remain alert in the bunkers, waiting for the next national security issue to spin into full-blown crisis, if only to crush Trump. They have become the self-anointed soldiers of the Resistance, defending the Obama foreign policy legacy at all costs, even sacrificing their reputations to take up the mantle formerly assumed by Ben Rhodes.

We should stop listening to the media on national security issues, since they are always wrong.

By all accounts, President Trump’s performance vis-à-vis Iran was stunningly effective at reestablishing the policy of deterrence (rather than appeasement) in the region. However, media reporting as of late has made it abundantly clear that wild projections of what could have been will continue to far eclipse what actually was. And the only people who suffer from such bombastic “analysis” are those who are forced to rely on it, given most people’s understandably limited knowledge of Middle Eastern geopolitics.

Mainstream Media is Always Wrong About Trump Foreign Policy And National Security

There’s a gross irresponsibility in such “reporting” and signals the ever-growing credibility crisis of the American media. Contrary to what Time magazine published (and delivered as a push notification), there is absolutely no reason you need to “discuss” Iran with your children. The hysteria is based on lies those in the media continue to recite to themselves and are dangerously projecting upon the greater population.

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No, perhaps it’s time to “discuss” Iran with our media betters instead of children, if only not to be dragged along through their hysterical meltdowns. Indeed, we would be spared the ahistorical and insufferable nonsense. At least until the next manufactured apocalypse.

More and Source: Erielle Davidson

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