Congo killings amount to crimes against humanity

January 11, 2020 By TheNewYorkNews

Congo killings amount to crimes against humanity

The report documents numerous cases of women being raped, of children – some in school uniforms – being killed, and of looting and burning of villages.

The targeting of the Hema community with violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, DRC, including killings and rape, may amount to crimes against humanity, the UN said on Friday.

DR Congo killings ‘may amount to crimes against humanity’, as stated in a United Nations alert.

An investigation carried out by the UN Joint Human Rights Office in the DRC, found that between December 2017 and September last year, at least 701 people had been killed and 168 injured following attacks involving the Hema and Lendu communities in the country’s northeast.

The United Nations report says:

“In addition, at least 142 people have been subjected to acts of sexual violence” – “most of them members of the Hema community.”

Since September 2018, Lendu armed groups have been increasingly organized in carrying out attacks against the Hema and members of other ethnic groups, such as the Alur, according to the investigators.

Among their objectives, the Lendu aim to take control of Hema communities’ land and associated resources, added the investigators.


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