The Top 5 positive attitudes of bisexual people!

October 11, 2018 By The Editor

The Top 5 positive attitudes of bisexual people!

Here are the results of a survey about bisexuality, bisexual people.

Why should we interview bisexual people? Just to change topic from the too common articles about not being understood and the difficulties. That’s why we tried something new focusing on the positive attitudes about bisexuality. To do so, we delivered a few surveys to bisexual people.

Let’s recap: bisexual means that a person is sexually attracted (in different levels) to men and women. Bisexuality could indicate either romantic feelings or simply involving towards towards males and females. Bisexuality has been observed in various human societies and elsewhere in the animal kingdom.

Jaime Marie Charlotte bisexual kiss lesbian madonna britney spears MTV
Madonna and Britney Spears Lesbina Bisexual kiss MTV Awards

Bisexuals are more mature and their brains are more developed

We already knew: Research shows that bisexual people are more mature and their brains are more developed due to the excessive secretion of sex hormones.

But we also wanted to know what actual bisexual people feel as a positive result of bisexuality.

So, we interviewed bisexual people, both in-and-out of the closet, regarding the positive aspects they find in bisexuality.

Sex-positive feminism pro-sex feminism sex-radical feminist sexually liberal feminism sexual freedom women s freedom
Sex-positive feminism

The Top 5 positive attitudes of bisexual People!

The main positive aspects declared about being bisexual, resulted as follows:

  1. Deeper relationships! The comprhension capabilities of bisexual people are higher. They expect more from an emotional and intellectual aspect. The consequence of this is a more deep connection in relationships. A bisexual person can choose with whom he is more at ease, whether he is a man or a woman and then choose accordingly based on a romantic and intellectual connection.
  2. QI! Bisexuals are more clever: they show higher intelligence in many studies done and in fact some of the most known historical characters (Julius Ceasar, Alexander The Great, for instance) were bisexual.
  3. Social skills! A bisexual person can freely take advantage of any company he obtains. A bisexual person can feel comfortable with people of the opposite sex. That person will have no problem or discomfort in mingling with people of both sexes.
  4. Adventure! A bisexual person will see the world and its people with different eyes than a heterosexual person (who only likes people of the opposite sex) and may sometimes be useful and adventurous.
  5. Understanding. Being bisexual means being able to recognize the pros in both men and women and have the freedom to love and choose and to be with one, for their actual moral compass and feelings, not just for their sex. If you find that your partner is not suitable for you, then you have the opportunity to try with another, with no sex issues.
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So, tell us: what do you think? Write here your comments and let us know your opinion!

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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