The Female empowerment Visual Arts trend 2018

August 25, 2018 By Jaime Marie Charlotte

The Female empowerment Visual Arts trend 2018

The Female empowerment Visual Arts trend 2018

Gender issues have rarely been out of the Visual Arts trend and headlines in 2018, starting from the Weinstein scandal to controversy over the gender pay gap.

As soon as the news about the case went viral, immediately the illustration artists, both male and female, had take the lead.

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ramonaforgirls – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #vulva (@charlotteabramow) – @tarapre

And illustrators haven’t been shy in bringing forth their perspectives on issues of female empowerment and solidarity.

A wide variety of female collectives have born following this trend. But there are obviously a lot of individuals dedicated to the female empowerment trend in visual arts:

  • Melbourne-based illustrator Jordyn McGeachin, meanwhile, is focused on normalising notions of women’s sexuality.
  • New York-based designer and illustrator Amber Vittoria is among those challenging the societal assumptions placed on women through her defiant work, based around physical traits such as body hair, overtly extended limbs and rounded features.
  • Hamburg artist Helena Ravenne is known for her images of female empowerment.
  • Less confrontational but just as powerful is the work of Polish designer and illustrator Weronika Anna Marianna, which explores the “wild and sacred sides” of women, or that of Hamburg-based illustrator Helena Ravenne who recently launched a series called Girls are Back in Town, celebrating talented and strong women.

The Visual Arts piece “Blondie” (I could be a housewife) is made by Ellis van der Does.

Ellis is a Dutch illustrator who’s been living in London for over three years now, started when she was 16, enrolling in a foundation course that took place every Saturday at the art school in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

If I work on a brief, I will read the text carefully and write down all associations that come to mind and try to find ways to express the message of the article without being to literal. I’ll work on some sketches and play around with colour options, which I will send off to the client. After I hear back from the client, I might send an amended sketch version in which I incorporate feedback he/she might have given, before starting on the final illustration.

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Pictures by:  “Blondie” – ARTIST FEATURE: Ellis van der Does – Ramona Magazine for Girls; ramonaforgirls  – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #vulva (@charlotteabramow) – @tarapre.


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