SoHo Photography Exhibition 24 photographers 24 years

August 8, 2018 By TheNewYorkNews

SoHo Photography Exhibition 24 photographers 24 years

24 hours 24 photographers 24 images 24 years SoHo Photography Exhibition

A SoHo Photography Exhibition represented the rite of passage for the 24project. The photographers involved have embarked on a hugely ambitious photographic project that will span a generation.

24:2014 – An anticipation of the project in The spirit of Soho Square photography exhibition.

Previous exhibitions have proved extremely successful with the group displaying their work in unusual but accessible locations (the fountains of Trafalgar Square, the SS Robin in Docklands, AOP, Greenwich Park, Golden Square and Berkeley Square to name just a few).

The Soho Square venue – in the heart of London’s West End – was the venue for the first ever outdoor show in 2005.

But what’s this project about?

An ambitious photography project lasting a generation.

The 2014 SoHo Photography Exhibition was about the “24 hours 24 photographers 24 images 24 years” project started in 2014.

As the chimes of Big Ben welcomed in 2004 they signalled the start of a photographic project that saw 24 postgraduate photography students, from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, document the first day of the New Year.

From the welcoming of the New Year to the end of its first day, these images capture the essence of that day for the photographers involved.But that was just the beginning.

How will the group, the project, the world it documents, change over the next quarter of a century?

This elaborate social documentary will record what New Year’s Day represents – not only as a one off event – but also as an ongoing and developing catalogue of what the end of one year and beginning of another comes to represent over time.

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24 hours 24 photographers 24 images 24 years SoHo Photography Exhibition

11 years through an ambitious photographic project that won’t be complete until the next decade (year 2028) and they’re still going strong creating a social commentary that will last for generations.
The SoHo Photography exhibition featured a number of critically acclaimed artists from across the globe and the group draws on a wide variety of experience and talent.

Six prints from the project had been auctioned off in aid of Hope and Homes for Children, an international charity working to ensure that all children have the chance to grow up in the love of a family.

Curator Antonio Olmos said:

“I really enjoyed looking at and curating the work of the 24 photographers. For 10 years they have documented the passage of time … 2014 is the 11th year and the individual visions coalesce into making an amazing body of work.”

Claire Spreadbury, founder of 24photography, said:

“I am always excited to see how and where people have spent their New Year, the images that Antonio has selected take you on a wonderful journey of our life and times. I can’t wait to see them in Soho Square.”


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