Charles Krauthammer Shocking Letter: only a few weeks to live.

June 11, 2018 By Nyn News Website

Charles Krauthammer Shocking Letter: only a few weeks to live.

Charles Krauthammer Shocking Letter: only a few weeks to live for the famous photojournalist.

The syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer has been a legendary conservative voice for years, providing signature analysis on the ‘Special Report’ All-Star panel.

The Only one who Received An Apology From The White House

He is also famous for being “The Only Entity On Earth, Other Than Rogue States, That Has Received An Apology From The White House” regarding the Churchill Bust removed from the WH during the Obama administration.

Charles Krauthammer says his cancer has returned Legendary conservative voice and Fox News contributor reveals he is ready to leave this life 'with no regrets.'

The shocking declaration of Charles Krauthammer

In this letter, called “A note to readers” and published through the WashingtonPost, Charles Krauthammer reveals terminal cancer diagnosis.

I have been uncharacteristically silent these past ten months. I had thought that silence would soon be coming to an end, but I’m afraid I must tell you now that fate has decided on a different course for me.

The famous moderate conservative Journalyst wrote a shocking letter where he admits he is dying soon.

My doctors tell me their best estimate is that I have only a few weeks left to live. This is the final verdict. My fight is over.

The final line is a heartfelt declaration that we will remember for quite a long time:

I leave this life with no regrets. It was a wonderful life — full and complete with the great loves and great endeavors that make it worth living. I am sad to leave, but I leave with the knowledge that I lived the life that I intended.

The original letter can be found on the washingtonpost.

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